Tell me about your The Beginning!

James and I met in high school but only started properly talking in upper sixth when we were both 17! Our friendship groups kind of merged into each other and we got to hang out a lot more which eventually led to our first couple of dates watching the Six Nations together (this is still something we do now, nearly 9 years later!!) A few months later James asked me to be his girlfriend when we were walking along the beach in Nerja on a group holiday with all our friends. Definitely one to remember!!

When and where did you get engaged?

We got engaged on the 2nd of July 2022, a pretty satisfying date. James drove us up to the North Coast and took us to one of our favouriteeee places to walk at Portballintrae. He prepared us a beautiful picnic with homemade bruschetta, crisps and dip and chocolate dipped strawberries. I didn’t suspect a thing because we always have picnics when we are up there. As we walked along the cliff path, we came to a wooden bench that we normally stop at to take in the view and I spotted some really pretty flowers in the distance. James asked me to sit on the bench and close my eyes (at this point I thought he was just going to pick me some of the flowers) but when he asked me to open my eyes again he was down on one knee with not only the flowers, but the most gorgeous ring ever! The first thing I said was ‘I’m going to be sick’ but it was out of pure excitement, I promise! Of course I said YES and we just enjoyed dandering our way back and taking it all in. It was perfect!

What style/theme have you chosen for your Wedding Day?

We have definitely chosen a very relaxed and fun theme for our wedding! We have lots of bright colours and personal touches planned that will hopefully make the day even more special to the both of us, and we are hoping our guests love it too! Lots of pastels for Spring! I am incredibly lucky to say that my best friend and maid of honour Hannah is doing our florals on the day and she is just the best in the biz! We are even having two of our very special friends say a few words during our ceremony just to make the day even more personal to us! I really think it is all the wee details like this that set your wedding apart from other peoples!

What are you most looking forward to on the day?

If anyone knows me and James at all, then they know we LOVE a boogie. I can guarantee you now that we will not be off that dance floor all night long. We have been planning the playlist for after the band for a while now and it makes us so happy! Closely followed by the food! We have opted for a BBQ style dinner which we are really looking forward too! I think we are just excited to spend time with everyone we love ALL in the same place!

Top Tips!

I think we would both say to plan as much as you can early on in your engagement! Get all of the big bookings out of the way not only so you don’t have to worry about them closer to the time, but so you know you have bagged a vendor that really suits your personalities! It sounds cliche- but enjoying every minute of all the planning with your other halves and closest friends and family. It really is something you will remember forever and it is so easy to get caught up in the craziness. Make your day about the two of you and nobody else! I always think it is a fab wedding if you go away and think that the wedding was ‘just them to a tee’. If it would really make your day. then try and make it happen!


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Photographer: Iain Irwin Photography
Venue: Tullyveery House
Florist: Gathered Floral Co
Make Up Artist: Laura Maria Make Up
Hair Stylist: Bespoke Bridal Hair
Dress Boutique: Petticoat Lane Bridal
Dress Designer: Sophie Rose Bridal
Suit Designer: Bogart Menswear
Live Music: White Gold
Stationary: Wendy Walkers Workshop
Cake Maker: Wendy Walkers Workshop
Caterer: Foodie Folk
Confetti: Flutter Darlings



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