Family Shoots

For the past few years, I have shot family sessions on the side in between weddings and other work but I never gave them the time and energy they deserve.
After getting married just over two months ago, it caused me to think about my family. The family I was ‘leaving’ and the family I was becoming a part of.  It marked the end of one chapter in my life, but the start of a new one. It was special as I began to really appreciate all those old photos and embarrassing video clips we found in the attic.
I am so thankful for parents who took photos of me and my brothers right from the day we were born and I can really see the importance of them as I “finish” the chapter of my childhood.
With that beings said, I want to give other people the gift of those special memories. I want to give you the ability to cherish those quirky relationships and the characteristics that makes your family yours.
So, if you’re a mum wanting to remember your lovely girls, or a grandparent wanting to celebrate a special anniversary with all the fam or just someone who wants to capture the chapter of life you’re currently in, please get in touch.